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Robotized chats for the Creatio platform

Beesender adds more power to out-of-the-box chat functionality in Creatio 

Communication Robots

Create rule-based chatbots with no-code business-process designer. 

Omnichannel Chats

Chat with clients or colleagues right from the Creatio user interface.

Outbound Notifications

Send notifications from real-time marketing campaigns.

The Era of Conversational Marketing is Coming

Beesender helps you to develop relationships with your customers even if you work from home. You can robotize some of your most critical business processes for customer care, sales, marketing, and HR.

Customer care

Create service cases, answer questions, and send knowledge base articles during chats with your customers.


Set up chatbots to convert web site visitors into clients. Chat with clients in messengers to communicate effectively.


Send special offers through messengers and push notifications. Get feedback and set up surveys via chatbots.


Use chatbots for HR automation. Let them do mechanical work so you can offer more services to your colleagues.

Make your brand accessible to the customerin all communication channels

Web sites. Messengers. Social networks. Portals. Apps. SMS. 

Most Popular

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    Live chats
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    WhatsApp Business API
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    Instagram Direct
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    Instagram Comments*
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    Facebook Messenger
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    Viber Sessions

*Coming soon


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    Mobile Apps (API)
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    Facebook Workplace
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    Microsoft Teams
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    Creatio Customer Portals
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    Customer Portals

Custom Channels**

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    Facebook Ads Chats
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    Google Business
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    Apple Business Chat
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    E-commerce Platforms
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    Any other text channel

** Custom channels can be added upon request on a paid basis

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Beesender - Chatbots Save Money

About Beesender

We built our first chatbot in 2016.

Beesender is a European SAAS product development company.
Our mission is to bridge the gap between ordinary people and large businesses, helping our customers reach a brand-new conversational marketing level. To make it happen, we are building the best-in-class software for chats and chatbots.
Together with our partner, Aimaras, we have worked with Creatio since 2005. As a marketplace leader, we are Creatio Partner of the Year in 2019 and 2020.

Communication robots Beesender


Work 24/7

Chatbots (or virtual assistants) don't get tired, don't go on vacation, don't have a bad mood.


Follow rules

Even when customers speak different languages, Beesender chatbots always know what to answer and what to do next.


Help agents

The functionality of hybrid chats allows chatbots to work together with contact center agents or instead of them.


For Retail & E-commerce

● Omnichannel customer support● Loyalty program activation● Corporate communications 

For Banking & Insurance

● Sales process automation● Customer feedback registration● ATM locator

For Healthcare

● Omnichannel contact center● Next visit recommendation● Appointment confirmation

For Manufacturing

● Industrial safety trainings● Service cases registration● Dealership quality control

For Auto Dealers

● Marketing campaign automation● Service appointment scheduling● NPS and CSI surveys

For Online Gaming

● Lead generation in messengers● Outbound chats● Claim management

Our Customers

Beesender's client - Leroy Merlin
Beesender's client - Decathlon
Beesender's client - Roca
Beesender's client - BNP Paribas Cardif
Beesender's client - Meest China
Beesender's client - Mitsubishi Motors
Beesender's client - ESET
Beesender's client - ESET
Beesender's client - ESET
Beesender's client - ESET

Looking for innovation? Here they are!


  • How to buy Beesender

    You can buy Beesender at the Creatio marketplace. Contact us, the Creatio sales team, or any Creatio partner for a quote.

  • How many products are there?

    There are eignt Beesender products:● Beesender Chat Master● Beesender Bot Master● Beesender Outbound● Beesender Omnichannel● Beesender Server On-prem● Beesender Server Cloud● Beesender Unlim Server● Beesender Unlim
    Please order a demo via chatbot or send your request directly to moc.redneseeb%40tcatnoc

  • What is included in the license price?

    ● 365-day subscription to use the product● basic setup services● initial user training● access to the knowledge base

  • What platforms does Beesender work on?

    ● Creatio Studio Enterprise ● Marketing Creatio● Sales Creatio● Service Creatio● Creatio Portals● Any previous Creatio products starting from the bpm'online 7.11 version

  • Do you have Trial and Freemium options?

    Any Creatio customer can get one Beesender Chat Master license absolutely free and with the exact same functionality as the paid version. You can use this free license before you decide to buy any Beesender licenses.
    If you need a one-week trial license of any other Beesender product, please contact the Creatio sales executive or Creatio integrator you work with. You can also contact us directly via chatbot or by sending your request to moc.redneseeb%40tcatnoc.

  • What channels do you offer?

    ● Live Chat for websites● Facebook● Facebook Messenger● Facebook Workplace● WhatsApp Business API*● Instagram Direct● Instagram Comments● WeChat● Twitter● Skype● Microsoft Teams● Telegram● Viber● Line● SMS● Customer portal● Mobile applications (via API)● Creatio platform users● Drift (coming soon)● Intercom (coming soon)
    * Beesender can be integrated with your company's official WhatsApp Business API account (paid option).
    Please read this article on our blog to find out the details.

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