Beesender connects Creatio with WhatsApp

Beesender connects Creatio with WhatsApp

There is good news for businesses from the regions where WhatsApp messenger is popular! Now you can connect your WhatsApp Business API directly with Beesender robotized chats in Creatio.

Here are the three simple steps to plan how you can do it.

1. Choose a Facebook partner who will help you to get the official WhatsApp Business API account. You can find partners list here.

2. Get a WhatsApp Business API account. Here is a Facebook's Getting Started manual for this.

3. Get in touch with us ( We will tell you what Beesender licenses and services you will need to start chatting with clients through WhatsApp. 

Key features

1. You can chat with clients right from the Creatio communication panel.

2. The first chat can be initiated either by the client or by you. You can start a new chat directly from the Contact page.

3. With the help of the Beesender Bot Master license, you can create a rule-based chatbot and connect it to WhatsApp.

4. With the help of Beesender Bot Sender, you can send notifications and service messages through WhatsApp. You can use the business process or marketing campaign designers to set up logic for this messaging.

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