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Great functionality

Developed based on best practices of Beesender customers. 


With 20 languages included and an easy process to add new.

User friendly

Easy setup for even novice Creatio users.

Free to use

Requiring only Beesender licenses.

Welcome Bot

Welcome Bot is a top-tier, ready-made chatbot designed to streamline your customer interactions and enhance service quality. With its user-friendly interface and support for 20 languages, it easily adapts to your specific business needs. Welcome Bot ensures a consistent and efficient customer service experience, regardless of the communication channel your customers choose. 

Welcome Bot Key Features

    Language selection
    Personal data consent request
    Contact recognition and registration
    Callback activity creation
    FAQ answering
    Live agent chat integration
    Service case creation (coming soon)

Communication Channels

    Live chat for websites
    WhatsApp Business API
    Instagram Direct
    Facebook Messenger
     Mobile apps

Minimal License Set

Unlock a $15,000 solution for just $230 per month, by taking advantage of our Welcome Bot template, offered for free with the minimum Creatio and Beesender license set purchase - a remarkable value for your business.

    Creatio Customer Center, $540/year 
    Beesender Chat Master, $300/year
    Beesender Bot Master, $1.800/year
    Technical Support, Basic, $132/year 
    Total: $2.772 per year

Out-of-the-box Chatbot Languages

Welcome Bot communicates effortlessly with over 4 billion people worldwide, bridging language barriers by offering support in 20 widely spoken languages.

You can use any of the out-of-the-box languages, or add a new one.
By default, the application contains phrases for the chatbot in the following languages:

    Spanish (Español)
    Portuguese (Português)
    German (Deutsch)
    Italian (Italiano)
    Polish (Polski)
    Ukrainian (Українська)
    Czech (Czech Republic)
    Lithuanian (Lietuvių)
    Dutch (Netherlands)
    Arabic (العربية)
    Russian (Русский)
    Hebrew (עברית)
    Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia)
    Vietnamese (Vietnam)
    Thai (Thailand)

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