Beesender publishes a chatbot for recruiters

Beesender publishes a chatbot for recruiters

There are a lot of businesses that have a non-stop recruitment process: retail chains, FMCG, HoReCa, and so on. All of them are looking for new ideas and technologies about how to shorten the position closing period without losing their quality.

We have designed a virtual assistant that will help recruiters to do that. Chatbot-recruiter can communicate with candidates in messengers or in the live chat widget at your web site. The dialogue should be initiated by the candidate so you will not make them so nervous as they become when phone bots reach them.

What chatbot-recruiter does:

1. Tells candidates about vacancies you have

2. Asks permission to get personal data. Asks questions to get this data.

3. Creates a new Contact page in Creatio with the candidate's personal information.

4. Makes a screening interview. Scores candidates based on their answers.

5. In the case of the successful screening interview chatbot offers the candidate to book a meeting with the recruiter. Robot checks the recruiters' calendar in Creatio and offers candidate free time slots.

6. A day before the interview the chatbot gets in touch with the candidate and asks for visit confirmation. In case of meeting cancellation, chatbot makes a short poll to find out the reason to refuse. The recruiter will be immediately notified in messenger about the interview cancellation.

7. If the candidate confirms a visit, the chatbot will send "How to find" and "What to bring" tips.

Key benefits of using chatbots in recruitment:

1. You will shorten the time to close a vacancy

2. Chatbot-recruiter works 24/7 anytime candidate is ready to chat

3. Your company's brand will become more attractive to young candidates