Beesender – Process-driven communication platform for large companies

We've spent more than a year creating beesender
to help you build chatbots in less than a day

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a virtual assistant that communicates with you in instant messengers and websites.

It is very easy to communicate with the chatbot. Our bots are rule-based. For example, the bot asks questions, the person presses buttons with the right answers.

Chatbots can register new leads and contacts, run 2-factor authentication, create new service tickets, answer FAQ or conduct surveys and tests.

Facebook Messenger


One chatbot will replace several people.
It works 24/7 without fatigue, stress and delays, strictly following every rule and standard that you set.


  • Omnichannel communications

  • Interactive promo games

  • HR processes


  • 2-factor authentication

  • Credit card lock

  • FAQ


  • Technical support processes

  • Account self-management

  • Marketplace automation

Beesender helps you integrate communications with business processes, decreasing costs and increasing customer retention.

Oleg Chaevsky, beesender CEO and Cofounder

Oleg Chaevsky


  • Fast Start

    Beesender is very easy to use. Within a week we will set up the system, build chatbot, connect communication channels and train your staff.

  • Killer Features

    Beesender has a built-in chatbot designer, provides hybrid Bot-Operator-Bot dialogue, starts Chat-to-Process automatic initiation and supports 2-Factor authentication.

  • Easy to integrate

    Beesender is designed to be a part of your IT ecosystem. It can be synchronized with ERP, CRM, Service Desk, CMS, MS Exchange or IP-telephony system.

  • Omnichannel

    Webchat, Facebook, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger; SMS, Email, Viber messaging; customer portal, web forms; IP-telephony system

  • Built-in CRM

    Beesender is based on bpm’online, one of the world’s best platforms for automating customer experience business processes.

  • On-demand and On-site

    Beesender can be SAAS or in-house. We use MS SQL or Oracle as the main database. End users work either in a browser or native mobile app.


Beesender Customer Center

Professional tool for omnichannel non voice communications with customers and employees

  • ● Built-in chatbot designer
  • ● Out-of-the-box IVR-bot
  • ● CC operator work space
  • ● Hybrid chats (Bot-Operator-Bot)
  • ● Channel-to-Channel chat transfer

Beesender HR Bot

Software to help HR managers use chatbots for the most time-consuming HR processes

  • ● Built-in chatbot designer
  • ● Chatbots for microlearning
  • ● Chatbot for testing
  • ● Chatbot for surveys
  • ● Reports and analitics

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